About Us

Supersonic is more than just a gym; it’s a sanctuary designed to make you feel good and aid a healthier lifestyle – whether that’s working out, practicing mindfulness, aiding recovery, meeting friends or nourishing yourself with great food.

Created by York locals, Nick Sadler and Sarah Cleland-Smith, Supersonic Fitness is the first lifestyle facility of its kind.

The development of Supersonic has been a passion project for Nick and Sarah. Nick left Yorkshire at 19 to work in America and started a gym design and installation company in 2000, but it had always been an ambition to move back to Yorkshire and develop something different.

Nick and Sarah have brought together their passion for the industry, 20 years of experience and some fantastic people they have met along the way, including third partner Jenny Beasley, to create Supersonic.

A unique space of calm and focus

The Supersonic building, once the legendary Fibbers music venue, harmoniously balances industrial features with oxygen-rich natural plant life to create a place where you can focus on your wellness goals.