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What Are The Benefits of Sports Massage?

Here at Supersonic we have two lovely Level 3 & 4 Sports Massage Therapists – Beth and Nat. Many of our members who have never had a sports massage before often ask us what are

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The Supersonic Approach To Training

Supersonic has a new personal trainer, Sam, who is also a rugby player for the York City Knights. The Knights have prestigious training methods to ensure they can perform to their highest ability during a

Rowing For Beat (Beat Eating Disorders Charity)

We're excited to announce that from 19th May Supersonic Fitness have set a fundraising challenge to raise awareness for a charity named Beat. This charity is an advocate for providing support to those dealing with

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Gyms In York – Why You Should Visit Supersonic

There are many gyms in York, and of course we might be biased but here are the reasons why we think you should make Supersonic Fitness part of your health and fitness regime. Supersonic isn’t

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Fancy A Cuppa? The Benefits of Tea

The Benefits of Tea Supersonic orbits around health and wellness, so it’s prevalent that the drinks we provide in Supersonic Café reflect this. We have a range of herbal and fruit teas that boast benefits

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2022 – A Positive Approach To Being The Best You

The New Year is often seen as a new beginning; people have an opportunity to renew part of themselves and sometimes make a change or try something that they wouldn’t have done otherwise. Fitness goals are prominent in the New Year. With Christmas often spent happily binging on treats, drinking, relaxing, people then decide to reverse the effects of this come January. Does this resonate with you? Perhaps you’re keen to gain some muscle, trim down a little, or lift that weight you’ve always wanted to?

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The Supersonic Team Cycle to Lapland

You may have seen on our social media, in the Supersonic Café or around the gym that from the 6-12th December, we have been cycling to Lapland! Okay, not quite literally, but we have cycled the distance from the UK to Lapland - 1288.7 miles. We set ourselves this challenge to raise awareness and funds for the charity ‘When You Wish Upon A Star’.

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Pumpkin Recipes

Hallowe'en has been and the time of carving pumpkins and trick or treating has passed once again. You might have celebrated with friends, family or not at all. If you used our gym over the

  • low calorie pizza recipe

Low Calorie Pizza Recipe

I love pizza, but I don’t love the unhealthy content and price.  Here at Supersonic Fitness, we are always on the look out for healthier versions of meals and when I was introduced to this

  • staying positive during lockdown

Boosting Your Happy Hormones

We all know the saying ‘you are what you eat’ and never is this more the case than the effects that food has on your emotions. Did you know that if you begin your day with a meal full of vitamin-rich fruits, you’re likely to feel positive; finish your day with a dish such as curry packed with spices and you’ll benefit from a release of pain-relieving hormones to help you relax? This blog is going to look at our 'happy hormones' and how the food we eat can impact our mood.

Purition Protein Pancakes

Purition Protein Pancakes If you’ve been in the fabulous Supersonic Café then you might have heard or even tasted some of the amazing Purition shakes we sell; they’re packed with protein, low in calories and

  • importance of breathing

Breath: The Importance of Breathing

We all think that breathing is pretty simple and well understood…after all we just breathe to stay alive don’t we?….Wrong! The air that enters your lungs affects every moment of your life, so we need to

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The Benefits of Yoga

After a quick Google of ‘yoga’, you’re likely to find a copious amount of images mainly featuring women tangled up in pretzel-like positions and doing a stretch that makes you think: ‘how is that physically

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Reasons To Join York’s Boutique Gym

We hope you were all as happy as we were to hear the news about gyms re-opening on 12th April. Hurrah!! If you're not a member of Supersonic but you're thinking about joining a gym

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How To Eat Healthy During Lockdown

I'm going to be honest from the start of this blog. Despite the fact that I'm a personal trainer, we are not all 'machines' like you think we are. We sometimes succumb to the same

  • staying positive during lockdown

Staying Positive During Lockdown

Here we are again.....another lockdown! Hopefully this is the last lockdown, or at least for a very long time anyway. We know that  many people use the gym to help with their mental wellbeing, so

  • exercise and mental health

Exercise And Mental Health

The importance of exercise and mental health has definitely been hitting the headlines a lot more over the last few years. I'm sure you'll agree that now, more than ever, looking after our mental health has never been more important. Not only do we have the impact of lockdown or restrictions due to Covid to consider, but this is the time of year when S.A.D, Seasonal Affective Disorder, can be more prevalent.

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Exercise Class of the Month – HIIT & Core

Our HIIT and Core class is one of our most popular exercise classes with our members. We thought's we would share some insight into why it's such a great exercise class and why, if you don't already, you should come along and give it a try!

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Finding The Right Yoga Class For You

I thought I would write this blog to explain some of the different styles of Yoga we offer at Supersonic Fitness. Many people say that they don’t enjoy yoga and claim that ‘it’s not for

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Vegan Poke Bowl Recipe

Are you sick and tired of the same old veg? Do you like to eat 'clean'? Perhaps you're vegan or eat vegan some of the time and are looking for some new recipes. Look no

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The Enjoyment of Exercise

It seems that some people are lucky enough to enjoy exercise and some are just unlucky and hate it.  Funnily enough the ones that enjoy exercise enjoy the style of exercise they do, the people

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Exercise Class of the Month – Super60

Super60 is a unique exercise class that we have created here at Supersonic Fitness in York. The concept of Super60 is that you get a full body workout in a short space of time, and

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Blood Pressure – Know Your Numbers!

This week is Blood Pressure UK's, 'Know Your Numbers Week'. A week dedicated to raising awareness of high blood pressure (hypertension) and encouraging adults to get their blood pressure checked. It's estimated that over 6 million people in the UK have high blood pressure and don't know about it which is a pretty scary fact!

Getting Back To Fitness Post Lockdown

How was lockdown from a health and wellbeing point of view for you? As we speak to our gym members and personal training clients we're finding most people fall into 1 of 3 camps.... The

  • staying motivated personal trainer

Keeping Motivation Levels High

As we're still closed until the government announce that gyms can re-open we thought we would share our top tips to staying motivated. As a personal trainer, a big part of my job, is to

  • cycling hiit workout

Cycling HIIT Workout

This week is Cycling UK's Bike Week, and with surveys showing a reported increase in the number of people cycling during lockdown we thought we'd share a great HIIT workout to improve your strength and stamina on the bike. Great if you have a turbo trainer or spin bike at home, if to save for when the gym re-opens!

  • hiit training

A Guide To HIIT Training

As a Personal Trainer, I often hear my friends and clients talking about how much HIIT training they are doing, but are feeling frustrated that they are not seeing the results. Often it's simply because they aren't working at the right intensity to reap the rewards of HIIT training, so I thought I'd write this guide to HIIT training and also look at the benefits of HIIT training.

  • family workout

Fun Family Workout

One of the things we're loving about lockdown is the number of families we have seen exercising together. With that in mind, we thought we would share a family workout which everyone can get involved

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April Gym Member of the Month

April's Member of the Month India Luck! It's always great to see India's smiley face when she is at Supersonic. If India is in the gym then you always know she will be working hard, and just because she can't use the gym at the moment doesn't mean she isn't working hard. A regular contributor to our social media channels, India is often posting pictures of her smashing out a 26 miles run, working out at home or even working out with her dog!

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The Benefits of Pilates

Rebecca is one of our Pilates Instructors at Supersonic, during this blog she shares why she has such a passion for Pilates and the benefits of Pilates. In Rebecca's words...Pilates is way more than just

  • body weight workout

Body Weight Workout

This body weight workout has a great variation of HIIT exercises to increase your heart rate and develop your fitness. HIIT exercises are also great not only for burning calories during the workout but also keeping your metabolism fired up post-workout for that additional fat burning boost! We've combined the HIIT exercises with big muscle group exercises which will strengthen and define the body and also contribute to that post-metabolic burn.

  • routine when working from home

How To Have A Good Routine When Working From Home

Working from home (or WFH.....everyone's new favourite abbreviation!)….how are you finding it? The Covid-19 lockdown has lead to many more people working from home...if you're one of these people, how are you finding it? Ordinarily,

  • healthy blueberry ice cream recipe

Healthy Blueberry Ice Cream Recipe

I'm not sure if you're with me on this but being on lockdown is making me want to eat everything in sight! Now, thankfully I've got quite a bit of self restraint, and I've also

  • fruit and nut bars

Healthy Fruit And Nut Bar Recipe

Sometimes it can be hard to find healthy, home made snacks, these healthy fruit and nut bars are super simple to make and super tasty too! There is no added sugar (the sweetness comes from

  • warm up exercises for runners

Warm Up And Cool Down Exercises for Running

One of the positive things I'm loving about the lockdown during the Covid-19 outbreak is the number of people I have seen outside running. It seems that many people are using their time outside to

  • powerlifting

My Journey Into Powerlifting

Supersonic's Personal Trainer, Damian Manning shares his story about his journey into powerlifting, and how what was once was a hobby is now a competitive sport for him. Here's Damian's story.... ''My introduction to the

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Supersonic Fitness – Member of the Month

Welcome to February's Member of the Month at Supersonic Fitness and a huge congratulations to this month's worthy winner - Loretta Cater! Loretta is a hairstylist in York with a busy work and social life,

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Sticking To Your New Year Resolutions

Sticking to Your New Year Resolutions It's coming towards the end of January, how are you getting on? Are you sticking to your New Year resolutions? We often start the month, and indeed the year,

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Supersonic Fitness – Member of the Month

Supersonic Fitness - Member of the Month Here at Supersonic Fitness in York, we love to shout about our amazing gym members, so here is December's member of the month ... Olivia Brabbs!! It was

  • January_offer_supersonic_york

January Offer

January Offer Extended! Sign Up Today! We wish you a great start to 2020 and what better way than a free membership until the start of February?! Sign up any time between 16th December and

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The Importance of Stretching

The Importance of Stretching If You Don't Use it, You Lose it! Whether you are an exercise fanatic or not the importance of stretching is vital. Stretching = increased flexibility and mobility. There are many reasons for

  • InBody

The Benefits of InBody

The Benefits of InBody Ever paid to use the 'body fat readers' in many a high street health stores or chemists? You put in your £1, hold the handles and at the end you are

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Christmas Gift Guide

Supersonic Christmas Gift Guide Enjoy our selection of gifts that really give this Christmas It’s that time of year again, and here at Supersonic we love gifts that give after the last bauble has been

What Is Super60?

What is Super60? If you look at our class timetable, you will see our trademark exercise class 'Super60'. What is Super60 we hear you ask? Well, we can certainly say that it's not for the

  • sStaying Motivated To Exercise In Winter

Staying Motivated To Exercise In Winter

Staying Motivated to Exercise In Winter The Winter months are upon us and we all just want to cuddle up on the sofa, snuggled under a blanket with a hot chocolate and watch Netflix. But,

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Vegan Super Bowl Recipe

Vegan Super Bowl Recipe We know the Winter months are here, but just because it's cold doesn't mean that you have to live on soups and stews. Try this amazing Vegan Super Bowl recipe from

  • christmas fat burning workout

Christmas Fat Burning Workout

Christmas Fat Burning Workout The clocks have now changed, the kids October half term will soon be a distant memory and you’ve probably decided who is responsible for cooking the Christmas turkey! Now all that

National Fitness Day

National Fitness Day Did you know that the 25th September is National Fitness Day? National Fitness Day is all about raising awareness of why it's important to keep fit and active so we thought we'd

  • protein in a vegetarian diet

Protein In A Vegetarian Diet

Myth Busters: Protein in a Vegetarian Diet “I can’t be a vegetarian because I need protein” is a sentence often said by the average meat eating gym goer. It cannot be denied that meat does

Losing My Fitness Mojo & Reigniting It Again!

Losing My Fitness Mojo - How I Fell Out Of Love With Training Rachael Sampson works on front of house at Supersonic Fitness. Speaking from the heart, she tells us why she lost her love

Help! I’ve Got Gym-Phobia!

Help! I’ve Got Gym-Phobia! Scared of going to the gym? The gym can be a daunting place for some, and many who aren’t familiar with the setting naturally have a mental picture painted in their

Meet the team: Damian Manning

Meet the team: Damian Manning   Name:  Damian Position: Fitness Coach Life motto:  “‘Whatever your goal, give it your all." How did you get into fitness? I struggled with my weight when I was younger

Workout boredom and the reality of the fitness world

Workout boredom and the reality of the fitness world Fed up of spending your time on the gym floor, on the internet researching workouts, or on Instagram and Facebook following your fitness role models? (Only

Meet the team: Andy Bedford

Meet the team: Andy Bedford Name:  Andy Position:  Fitness Coach Life motto:  “You can fail at doing what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love”. How did you get into fitness?  I trained to

The BATAK Pro Reaction Wall: What is it?

The BATAK Pro Reaction Wall: What is it? Some of you may remember that one-off P.E session at school where they brought in a reaction wall and your competitive side came out in full force.

Meet the team: Josh Farrow

Meet the team: Josh Name: Josh Position: Fitness coach Life motto: “Do things that are important to you, the results will follow”. How did you get in to fitness? I've always loved sport and fitness. I grew up in

Meet the team: Charlotte Hudson

  Meet the team: Charlotte Hudson Name:  Charlotte Position: Class Instructor Life motto:  “Where focus goes, energy flows.” How did you get into fitness?  Dance was my vehicle into fitness; I was a professional dancer performing

Meet the team: Ashley Metcalfe

  Meet the team: Ashley Metcalfe Name: Ashley Job title: Head Chef Life motto: “Variety is the spice of life” How did you get into food & fitness? I always cooked-up little dishes for myself at home, from around

Yoga vs. Pilates: Which One Is Best for You?

Yoga vs. Pilates: Which One Is Best for You? It’s fair to say many people think Yoga and Pilates are fairly similar, (and at a glance they do look rather alike) however, they both focus

Meet the team: Deena Tunley

Meet the team: Deena Tunley Name:  Deena Tunley Job title: Duty Manager Life motto: “Failure is the key to success”. How did you get into fitness? I naturally have very low self-confidence and found from

Meet the Supersonic Team: Liz Buckley

Meet the Team: Liz Buckley Name:  Liz Position:  Duty Manager Life motto:  I actually don’t have a motto that I live by, I try to take every day as it comes. Passions & interests:  I have always

Water calculator: are you drinking enough?

Water calculator: are you drinking enough? There are lots of opinions on how much water you should be drinking. Some sources say five glasses a day, and others say you should be sipping water throughout

Fitness Fest

SUPERSONIC FITNESS FEST - 5th & 6th April On Friday 5th & Saturday 6th April 2019, Supersonic Fitness open their doors for a Fitness Fest! Supersonic is the new gym and wellbeing concept in

Meet the Team: Ben Chard

Meet the Team: Ben Chard Name:  Ben Position:  Duty Manager How did you get into fitness:  I have always played sport - football, rugby and cricket. When my performance deteriorated slightly I used the gym as

How Pump! Made Me Stronger

How Pump! Made Me Stronger Charlotte Hallam works front of house at Supersonic and Pump! is most definitely her favourite fitness class. Pump is an all-body strength class, and it has changed the way I

The benefits of a living wall

If you don’t know what a living wall is, you’re not alone.  Living walls can contain a lot of plants in a small space, due to the vertical aspect of this unique garden concept.

Supersonic motivation

Motivation.  The drive to get-up-and-go.  Not everybody has it (or so you might think).  Within all of us we have a set of goals, and because of that we all have motivations.

Meet the team: Jenny Cromack

Meet the team: Jenny Cromack Name:  Jenny Position:  Director Life motto:  “Just go for it.” How did you get into fitness?  I studied Physical Education at university with the aim of becoming a PE teacher,