Guest blogger and travelling vegan Cara Bradshaw, tells us all about the benefits of veganism and her experience on the diet whilst globetrotting. (All the way from sunny Australia):

Changing to a vegan diet is one of the best decisions I have ever made! Not only does it benefit the mind, it also does wonders for the body. A clean conscience from consuming plant-based foods instead of animal products is the foundation of a healthy, alternative lifestyle – which heavily benefits the environment!

I have been vegan over a year now, and the best way to describe the change from a vegetarian diet to a vegan diet is feeling lighter and more energetic. Don’t get me wrong, I still have my lazy days, but in comparison to my meat/vegetarian diet, I feel so much healthier as a vegan. People were made to thrive off fruit and vegetables! Our hunting days are over, there is no need for us to be consuming animal meat for ‘survival’, at the end of the day, it is killing us quicker than we think.

Vegan Diet

A vegan diet isn’t boring. (It isn’t just lettuce and carrots! It is a whole lot more). Since transitioning to veganism, I have thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with my food – It’s crazy what you can create with the simplest of vegetables and seasoning.

Recently I have been making spaghetti out of spiralled courgette (sometimes leaving it to be eaten raw), then making a homemade vegetable pasta sauce, or a delicious homemade basil pesto.

This meal is the one I always recommend people try if they claim that being vegan is ‘hard’ or ‘too expensive’, because it’s neither! Albeit at first, it’s going to take some adjusting, but like any diet, once it’s embedded within you, it sticks! I also found eating out at cafés and restaurants to be more exciting, as instead of opting for a basic vegetarian/meat dish, I now get to choose from unusual vegan options which are full of spices and flavours. I honestly can’t remember the last meat curry I ate, but I am 100% sure a vegetable curry would beat it anytime.

Food aside, I adore all living creatures, and eating meat doesn’t coincide with my ethics. I struggled with claiming to love animals but then also advocating their deaths by buying meat products. My moral compass could not take it anymore and now I am happy to say I practice what I preach.

Travelling as a vegan

Since I started travelling, people tend to ask me if veganism is an inconvenience – not at all! Vegan options are never limited, neither are the amount of vegan restaurants/cafes, if you broaden your horizons past commercial chains, you’ll be surprised what’s out there! I am currently in Australia and the Vegan scene is booming; there’s vegan friendly places on every corner. The only downside is that eating out every night isn’t attainable nor affordable whilst travelling, so as a result you can’t try everything on the menu, even if it all sounds super tasty!

  • Cara Bradshaw (Instagram: @CoconutCara)