To get a decent workout doesn’t mean you need to have lots of equipment to hand, you can get an awesome workout by just using your own body weight. So here’s a body weight workout which needs absolutely no equipment to get you energised!

This body weight workout has a great variation of HIIT exercises to increase your heart rate and develop your fitness. HIIT exercises are also great not only for burning calories during the workout but also keeping your metabolism fired up post-workout for that additional fat burning boost! We’ve combined the HIIT exercises with big muscle group exercises which will strengthen and define the body and also contribute to that post-metabolic burn.

So what are you waiting for….get your trainers on, get some good tunes on and let’s go!

Warm Up

Arm circles – each direction x 8

Squats x 8

Squat with overhead reach x 8

Reverse lunge x 16 (8 e/leg)

Forwards lunge with rotation x 16 (8 e/leg)

Main Workout 

We’re going to to start the main section of your body weight workout with a HIIT Tabata to really get the heart rate fired up! If you haven’t done a Tabata before you’re going to work as hard as you can for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds (be strict with the rest!) and repeat this for 8 rounds. Here’s my exercises choice – you can choose whatever exercises you like provided they are cardiovascular or HIIT based and really get the heart rate up!


Star Jumps – 20 sec work / 10 sec rest x 2

Burpees – 20 sec work / 10 sec rest x 2

Mountain Climbers – 20 sec work / 10 sec rest x 2

High Knees – 20 sec work /10 sec rest x 2

(8 rounds and 4 minutes work in total).

Strength Circuits 

As you’re not using any equipment we’re going to try to tax the body by keeping the rest between exercises to a minimum. How much rest you need will depend on your fitness levels, if you need to rest that’s cool…..just make sure you start back with an exercises as soon as you can again (don’t get distracted by your phone when you should be working out!) There are two strength circuits to complete. Aim to complete 2-4 rounds of each circuit. I’ve popped some rep ranges below, again these will depend on your fitness levels.

1a. Tempo Squats – 2 down, 2 up x 12-20 reps.  Stand with feet shoulder width apart, squat down for two counts then come up from the squat for two counts. Remember to keep the hips pushed back and chest lifted as you squat. 

1b. Curtsey Lunge x 12-20 reps – Start with the feet hip width apart Step the right leg behind you, crossing it behind the left leg. As you step the right leg behind, bend both knees until your right thigh is parallel to the floor. Step back and repeat on the opposite side.

1c. Press Ups x 12-20 . These can be done either as full press-ups or on the knees. In either position ensure you are bending your elbows out to the sides to lower the chest towards the floor.

1d. Shoulder Taps x 12-20. Begin in a straight arm plank position and engage the core. Lift the right hand from the floor and touch the left shoulder. Lower the right hand, and swap to the left hand. Keep alternating from side to side, aiming to keep the hips as level as possible throughout the taps. 

Repeat x 2-4 rounds depending on your fitness level.

2a. Split Squat/Lunge  x 8-12 e/leg. Stand with the feet in a lunge position. You are going to keep your feet ‘glued’ to the floor throughout this exercises so do not step back at any point until you are ready to change legs. Bend both knees until the back knee is almost touching the floor. Push back up through the legs and then repeat. 

2b. Walking Lunge x 12-20. Start with feet together, step into a lunge and then pull the back leg through and ‘stride’ into another lunge. Keep ‘walking’ like that until you have completed your reps. If you don’t have the space to do walking lunges then do alternating lunges instead. 

2c. Ab Crunch x 12-20. Lie on the floor, legs extended in the air and lower back into the floor. Place the hands at the side of the head and use the abdominals to lift the upper body up away from the floor into the crunch position. Slowly lower and repeat. 

2d. Russian Twist x 12-20. Sit on your ‘sit bones’, hold the hands at chest level and then lean back until you feel your abdominals engage. Rotate so the hands come to one side of the body, return to the start position and repeat to the other side. It is essential that you keep your core engaged throughout the whole movement. 

Cool Down 

Complete your workout with some cool down stretches specifically for the quads, hamstrings, calf muscles, glutes, upper back and chest. Hold each stretch for 15 seconds.

We hope you enjoy this body weight workout. If you want to push yourself more then you can use dumbbells, kettlebells, small children, tins of food, etc for additional weight!