This week is Cycling UK‘s Bike Week, and with surveys showing a reported increase in the number of people cycling during lockdown we thought we’d share a great HIIT workout to improve your strength and stamina on the bike. Great if you have a turbo trainer or spin bike at home, if not….one to save for when the gym re-opens!

Warm Up
It’s important to gradually increase your heart rate and warm-up for a decent amount of time as this is a tough session so your body needs to be ready for it!
0-4 mins cycle at around 50% effort.
4-6 mins cycle at around 60% effort
6-10 mins cycle at around 70% effort but every minute do a 30 second sprint at almost full intensity.

Main Workout
6 min at 90% effort / 2 min recovery – repeat x 2
4 min at 90% effort / 2 min recovery – repeat x 2
2 min at 90% effort / 2 min recovery – repeat x 2

Cool Down
As with your warm up it’s really important to cool down too, spend 5 minutes easy cycling on the bike and then finish with some static stretches focusing on the quads, glutes, hamstrings and lower and upper back.

To gain full benefit of this workout it’s essential that you put the required intensity into your intervals, this will increase your power on the bike will contribute to your overall speed and endurance on your longer rides. During the recovery sections it’s just easy cycling.