How was lockdown from a health and wellbeing point of view for you? As we speak to our gym members and personal training clients we’re finding most people fall into 1 of 3 camps….

  1. The ‘Exercise? Are you kidding me?!’ Camp… was already too stressful working from home and home schooling kids to even contemplate doing any exercise.
  2. The ‘Downhill Slope’ Camp…..these gym members started off really well, smashing out training sessions most days at the start of lockdown and then the novelty wore off after about 4 weeks and they rekindled their love of a glass of wine on an evening instead of going out for a run!
  3. The ‘I just can’t get enough exercise!’ Camp…..for these gym members and personal training clients they embraced lockdown as a chance to be more healthy and active and are still living the dream now!

Whatever camp you fall into, we will all face our own challenges when it comes to getting back to the gym. So this blog looks at getting back to fitness, post lockdown. Some of us may not have done any weights over the last 4 months and we’d be foolish to think we can pick up where we left off … you can try, but boy will you suffer the next day! Some of us may have used lockdown to have a chance to chill and are now thinking about coming back to the gym but worried about where to start. And some of us may just feel a little nervous in general about the extra precautions which gym have in place to look after their members health and wellbeing.

If the latter is you, then check out this link which explains the measures we have put in place at Supersonic. If you’re a little nervous or unsure about where to start in the gym, then here are some top tips from the fitness team here at Supersonic about how to get back to fitness.

Rebecca Jones – Fitness Instructor and Pilates/Yoga Specialist

If your diet and exercise slipped a little throughout lockdown don’t dwell on it. Set yourself some new goals and focus on them rather than thinking about where you were before lockdown. Ease yourself back into a balanced routine of exercise, rest, recovery and healthy diet. The last thing you want to do now that the gym is back open is to set yourself back by pushing yourself too hard and injuring yourself. Listen to your body and before you know it you will be back to where you were pre-lockdown.

Don’t forget that even in normal circumstances your body feels different every day due to many different factors – sleep, hydration, rest, diet, daily activity, exercise, stress, work … so try not to put the blame on having some time off the gym, don’t let your ego take over, just focus on how you can move forward. Pilates and Yoga are great ways of getting your body strong and nimble to help your gym workouts, prevent injury and reduce muscle soreness.

Deena Tunley – Duty Manager and Fitness Instructor