I’m not sure if you’re with me on this but being on lockdown is making me want to eat everything in sight! Now, thankfully I’ve got quite a bit of self restraint, and I’ve also taken the sensible option of not buying any cr*p to have in the house so I don’t eat rubbish. But, when I get the urge for a sweet treat then this blueberry ice cream recipe is a great little fix….and what’s more…..it’s super easy to make!


2 frozen bananas (sliced). You can buy frozen banana slices or just freeze your own….remember to slice it first!

100g frozen blueberries

450g Greek yoghurt (go low fat if you like)

1 tbsp honey

How To:

Pop everything in the blender until smooth.

Pop back in the freezer until set.


We hope you enjoy this healthier version of ice cream. If you prefer you can substitute the blueberries with any other berry you like. Enjoy!