Help! I’ve Got Gym-Phobia!

Scared of going to the gym?

The gym can be a daunting place for some, and many who aren’t familiar with the setting naturally have a mental picture painted in their heads stigmatising gym-goers and what they think the gym is all about.

Insanely fit yet judgmental men and women in tight, expensive gym gear breathing heavily (completely unnecessarily) as they do their 1000th deadlift-kettlebell-squat-plank-burpee-thing of the week.

Sure, those people exist – but don’t think it’s only you that finds this discouraging, any normal person would.

The word gym/gymnasium derives from the Greek word gymnós meaning “naked”. In the late 16th century, athletes would compete nude – a practice which was said to encourage aesthetic appreciation of the male body and be a tribute to the gods.

Who can blame you for feeling discouraged to join a gym when vanity was at the heart of its origin?

Supersonic Fitness Gym York

Gyms are not the scary places they once were.

Endorphinate yourself!

A gym is no longer just about physicality. Many other factors come into play as to what a gym is for and why people go. Not everyone is there for the same reasons, opposing the contrary belief about a gym predominantly being used to “get ripped!” The primary one is actually to improve mental health.

Don’t like what you see in the mirror? I can guarantee you’ll like yourself just the way you are a lot more if you have a couple more endorphins dancing around your head. Endorphins are the answer to everything. Feeling sluggish, overweight, underweight, sad, angry etc.? – Endorphins are the answer. They control your mood, so you’ve got to get them flowing. How do you do that? Exercise!

Endorphins are a hormone in the brain that cope with pain and stress. The more you secrete the more amazing you feel. Fact.

Why go to a gym when I can exercise at home?

True, home exercise is cheaper and very convenient, however a gym is a quick way to mix up your fitness routine by taking advantage of all the equipment; work on different parts of the body through a multitude of interesting ways, participate in a variety of classes (from high intensity ones to relaxation sessions) and seek help/have your queries answered by skilled and qualified professionals.

You can be in and out (freshly showered and revitalised) well within the hour.

Break the other common stigma about gyms being grueling, dull and boring. They can only be those three things if you aren’t embracing the experience properly – so ask one of the trainers for help (it’s what they’re there for!)

Many like to get in and out and crack on with their day (which is fine), but there is also a social side to the gym if you wish to embrace it.

The Supersonic way

What separates Supersonic from other gym environments is that we are a community. We invite all of our members to work hard and push themselves, but also to relax and feel at home throughout the experience. We get to know our members and help guide them to reach their goals, whatever they may be.

Whether you’re here for the gym, a class or to simply grab a coffee from our café, we want to elevate your day and get your endorphins flowing – through exercise, food and kindness.

We hope to see you walk through our door very soon!

Ring us on 01904 929540 or email us at if you have any queries about membership, the Supersonic Café, or any other services we provide.