How Pump! Made Me Stronger

Charlotte Hallam works front of house at Supersonic and Pump! is most definitely her favourite fitness class.

Pump is an all-body strength class, and it has changed the way I train.  Prior to starting Pump I would only do cardio in the gym, and I had very little drive or motivation.  My enjoyment of these classes boosted my confidence, helped me to embrace strength training and gave me bags of motivation.

Pump classes gave me back my lost drive and love of exercise, both because the atmosphere adds to the enjoyment, and the presence of others encourages me to work harder; I push myself to try to be as strong as others!  I used to attend three times a week, as I loved going and simply couldn’t stay away.

Now I also attend other classes including box fit, kettlebells and pilates, but I still think that Pump is a great way to get into strength training.  As time passed, I could see how my body was changing and growing stronger.

Pump also educated and enabled me, as I learnt how to train different areas of the body using the correct technique.  Thanks to the fact that I attended classes regularly, I became familiar with the routines, and that has meant that I have been able to start using weights independently in the gym.

Pump classes were a great way for me to begin and develop a very enjoyable new workout routine.  It is the perfect introduction to weights and the visible benefits they can bring.

Intrigued?  Check out ‘Pump!’ for yourself.  Book a Supersonic class membership today!

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