I’m going to be honest from the start of this blog. Despite the fact that I’m a personal trainer, we are not all ‘machines’ like you think we are. We sometimes succumb to the same temptations which you do…..the temptation of snacks in the cupboard, eating spoonfuls of peanut butter straight from the jar (come on….admit it, you’ve all done it!), staring longingly at the cupboard as you work from the dining table, etc. With this in mind, I thought I would share some easy tips about how to eat healthy during lockdown.

Here goes…..

1. Fruit & Veg 

Now is the time to focus on getting in our 5 a day, in fact, let’s go wild and push it more towards 7 a day.

  • 2 portions of fruit and/or veg with lunch
  • 3 portions of veg with your evening meal
  • 2 portions of fruit or veg as snacks

Hey presto! There are your 7 portions. Snacking on some grapes, nuts or munching on a few carrots is so much better for us, our immune system, concentration levels and our overall health & wellbeing than raiding the biscuit tin so we are on to a winner!

Top up your freezer with frozen fruit and veg so you always have some in stock.

The final word on fruit and veg…..aim for a wide variety of types and colours to reap the health-based rewards of consuming a wide range of vitamins from your fruit and veggies.

2. Get Creative!

Being at home may suck but one of the positives is less time commuting.  We can use this extra time in the kitchen. If you have kids then get them involved too. Use the extra time to commit to cooking one new meal per week. Dig out those recipe books and find a new recipe to make each week, also try finding some healthy versions of ‘treats’. I promise you, sweet potato brownies taste divine!

3. Keep Hydrated

Whether you are home schooling, working from home or furloughed it’s important to keep hydrated. Just 1-2% dehydration can have significant impact on your concentration, productivity, so if you don’t want that fuzzy heady, can’t concentrate feelings going on then keep the H2O topped up!

5. Be A Good Boy Scout

Always be prepared! Ways you can be prepared:

  • Stock up on the basics to make healthy meals – brown rice, tinned tomatoes, pulses, nuts, oats, frozen veg, lean sources of protein, etc
  • Stock up on healthy snacks so that when you are staring longingly at that tub of ice-cream you have a healthier alternative instead
  • Make some healthier versions of ‘treats’ – sweet potato brownies, avocado mousse, homemade fruit and nut bars, etc all taste amazing with less guilt! This blueberry ice-cream is lovely.
  • If you know you’ll be too tempted by treats then try not to have them in the house. The odd treat is fine, but if you know that you’ll raid the biscuit tin the minute you stock it up with the next pack of ginger nuts then don’t buy them and the temptation won’t be there.
  • Plan your meals ahead for the week making sure that you are getting a good balance of slow-release carbs, proteins and good fats. Avoid too many foods with fast release carbs otherwise you’ll have energy surges and slumps throughout the day…..not great for surviving lockdown!

6. Schedule Breaks for Meal Times

Make sure you schedule regular breaks for meal times. Breaks are really important so that you go back to whatever tasks you were doing feeling refreshed and re-focused. Use your snacks and meal times to schedule these all important breaks throughout your day.

We hope these tips help you to eat healthy during lockdown. If we can help in anyway then drop us a line at transform@supersonicfitness.co.uk