Working from home (or WFH…..everyone’s new favourite abbreviation!)….how are you finding it? The Covid-19 lockdown has lead to many more people working from home…if you’re one of these people, how are you finding it? Ordinarily, pre-covid-19, many people would have liked the flexibility it brings, but the lockdown means we don’t tend to have this flexibility. But that’s not to say we still don’t need structure and routine in our lives, in fact, to stay sane during this time we’d highly recommend having a good routine when working from home.

Firstly, try to get up at the same time as you would have previously done but consider starting the day with something which will energise you! Whether it’s waking up and meditating, firing out a HIIT session or taking 15 minutes to read your current book, there really is no right or wrong – do what works best for you! Start your day in a way that benefits you then head to your new “workstation”. Your work station is somewhere you need to create –a place you go to when the day begins and a place you can walk away from at 5/6pm. Whilst it’s a bit harder to separate your work life from your home life now that they are both merged together, it’s still important to try to have a clear cut off point from the end of your work day. You could try to signify this by going for a walk, doing an online class, going for a run, calling one of your friends or family like you may have done on your drive home from work. Something which allows your brain to switch off from work and get into ‘home’ mood. Try to go to bed at the same time each night too, it’s tempting now you’re working from home to stay up later, but then you’ll just be tempted to snooze your alarm the next day!

Take A Break!

When you work from home, it’s tempting to just ‘plough on through’ lunch and not take a break. Taking a break is essential for your mind and body, allowing you to go back to work feeling refreshed. So take that lunch break, get out for a walk and get some Vitamin D.

What does WFH mean for our bodies?

Our workstation needs to be set up to protect our bodies and by that, I mean primarily our posture. Do you have a laptop stand? If the answer is no, then no problem! How about putting your laptop on top of a few books so that it is still at eye level?

We need to be conscious of how we’re setting up too. Sit up straight, feet on the floor and let me remind you that our “sitting bones” (a.k.a. our ischial tuberosities/bones underneath our buttock) are there for a reason! The sofa is not a good choice, sit on a chair and image you’re a puppet, being held up with that central piece of string. Fancy standing? Don’t panic –the ironing board provides us with a fantastic height-adjustable desk during these times!

Rehydrate regularly!

Put simply, drink water, and plenty of it! This also helps us to keep moving, when we need to have all those toilet breaks! It’s important that we also keep active in between long period of sitting down. Those low back aches and niggles are often just requests from our body, asking us to get up and move around. Put your favourite song on and dance, log onto one of our live or pre-recorded class or use your outdoor daily activity to take a walk, run or cycle. The weather is currently on our side so getting that fresh air is so important for our mind, body and soul.

Don’t forget the fruit and veggies!

Our  immune  system  needs  them  now,  more  than  ever.  Plan  your  meals  and make  the preparation  an occasion. Snacking is tempting  (really tempting), if you’re a grazer then make sure you have some healthy snacks in the cupboard. Increase your nutrient intake by including  plenty  of  nuts,  seeds, veg and fruit in your diet. Energising ourselves with the right food will help to keep us focused whilst we ‘WFH’. Join us on our private Facebook Group or follow our main Facebook and Instagram pages where we are posting recipes (and workouts!) on a weekly basis.

Sticking to a routine during this time, even if you’re not working from home, is essential as it adds structure and focus into your day. We hope these tips help you have a good routine when working from home.

Stay Safe, the Supersonic Team x