Injury Demotivated Me: But Now I’ll Happily Take on a New Challenge

Charlotte Hallam works front of house at Supersonic.  This is her personal experience of losing, and then rediscovering, a love of fitness.

I have never been particularly strong at sport; but I find sports thoroughly enjoyable.  That enjoyment has always kept me motivated!

When I started university I joined a gym and started to enjoy cardio, especially running (competing in race for life).  However the impact of running affected my knees and ultimately caused me to stop.  At that point I lost all motivation.  From then on I only dragged myself to the gym because I wanted to keep fit one way or another!

Over the years I attended a couple of different classes, but I struggled to find the time to attend consistently due to my schedule.  Then when I moved to York I joined a new gym, but I developed a fear of trying new classes.  So I spent a year doing nothing more exciting than solitary cardio…

Then one day I decided to go for it and try ‘Pump!’ – a full body strength class.  In that first session I initially felt very conscious of everyone around me.  I tried to make it look as if I knew what I was doing (even though I had no clue!)  However I soon realised that no one was watching me and, if anything, people wanted to help – and that was a great confident booster.

I loved my first session and actually felt annoyed with myself that I didn’t try it sooner!  I had been missing out because of fear.  Although I was frustrated with myself, it was a great lesson.  These days I continue to happily try out new classes, and I have experienced many different, positive, fitness results in the process.  If a class turns out not to be for me, then I haven’t lost anything – I can simply move on to the next one.

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