Meet the team: Ashley Metcalfe

Name: Ashley

Job title: Head Chef

Life motto: “Variety is the spice of life”

How did you get into food & fitness? I always cooked-up little dishes for myself at home, from around the age of 12 years old; and my grandparents were great cooks which helped to develop my passion.

Sporting & culinary background: I had a friend who was working as a chef in a restaurant in York, and he offered me a job, so I began as a pot washer. I soon chased my passion for food and within three months I became a starter chef. Then I moved up through the ranks, and I have been a head chef since 2005. I’ve worked for a lot of fresh-food high street brands.

Passions & interests: I am a lover of ‘great food done well’ and great drinks too. I love to try new ingredients and drinks I haven’t tasted before. I also like to play golf to unwind.

Goal: To deliver great fresh seasonal food, and to educate people on and about food.

Interesting fact: I played rugby league for Yorkshire, and have worked with Jamie Oliver.

Why I love Supersonic: It combines fitness, food and a work/life balance.