Meet the team: Charlotte Hudson

Name:  Charlotte

Position: Class Instructor

Life motto:  “Where focus goes, energy flows.”

How did you get into fitness?  Dance was my vehicle into fitness; I was a professional dancer performing on cruise ships and travelling the world. As my technique and skill grew, I started to focus on Aerial Hoop and Silk Dancing which require a lot of strength training.

Sporting background:  Dance has been my life for 20 years, and for the past 2 years I have been training in bikini fitness! I will be competing for the very first time in 2019.

Passions & interests:  I am really into training, personal development and working on mindset. I love to travel the world, and if I had to pick a favourite movie I’d probably say Django Unchained.

Goal:  I am incredibly driven to educate women on strength training. I want to break the stigma and stereotypes around women gaining muscle. I want to show them that being physically and mentally strong is beautiful and empowering.

Interesting fact:  I studied acting, dancing and singing at stage school.

Why I love Supersonic:  Supersonic is super-personal. Everything is tailored to our clients, so they receive the best experience and therefore the best results. It isn’t daunting like most commercial gyms. It’s a home away from home.