Meet the team: Damian Manning


Name:  Damian

Position: Fitness Coach

Life motto:  “‘Whatever your goal, give it your all.”

How did you get into fitness? I struggled with my weight when I was younger and my mum already attended a local gym, she let me tag along a few times and I was hooked.

Sporting background: I was never interested in sports growing up. In November 2018 I competed in my first powerlifting competition and plan on progressing to a national level.

Passions & interests: Apart from lifting weights I am a bit of a geek. Films, computer games and music are my usual pastimes.

Goal: To become a recognised and respected strength coach, coaching athletes in sports such as powerlifting, strongman and rugby.

Interesting fact: After working in catering for a decade I took the plunge and moved to York in October 2018 to pursue a career in fitness.

Why I love Supersonic:  Everybody is from different backgrounds and brings something new to the table.