Meet the team: Deena Tunley

Name:  Deena Tunley

Job title: Duty Manager

Life motto: “Failure is the key to success”.

How did you get into fitness? I naturally have very low self-confidence and found from a young age that I constantly had to push my boundaries and force myself out my comfort zone. That is the exact reason why I started going to the gym; initially attending classes and then progressing to doing my own workout in the weights area. Today, you will still see me ‘failing’ as I push myself to try out different exercises and lift a little heavier.

Background: I have over ten years of managerial experience in customer service roles, with a degree in psychology that has contributed to building positive and approachable teams.

Passions & interests: I love to travel and experience different cultures. I have been lucky enough to visit some beautiful places with my next adventure in the planning is South America.

Why I love Supersonic: Supersonic’s focus on overall health and well-being is rare in this industry. I love the fact that it’s a place where anyone can go for some ‘me-time’, without judgement. We are all unique, and Supersonic embraces that!