Meet the team: Josh

Name: Josh

Position: Fitness coach

Life motto: “Do things that are important to you, the results will follow”.

How did you get in to fitness? I’ve always loved sport and fitness. I grew up in a very sporty family and I was always busy with football, tennis, badminton and swimming. In 2015 I made the decision to become a personal trainer so I could help others achieve all that I had, and I wanted to push myself in doing something I love.

Sporting background: I used to swim for York when I was at school and I have always played football. I have played for a number of football teams in and around York including Poppleton, New Earswick, Copmanthorpe, Tockwith, York RI and Bishopthorpe (from the age of 5).

Passions & interests: FOOTBALL! If I’m not playing it I’m watching it, if I’m not watching it I’m reading about it! I also love training in the gym and taking my dog Zeka out.

Goal: To keep helping people reach their goals.

Interesting fact: I did the York marathon in 2018 in 3:31:55 (with no training).

Why I love Supersonic: I’ve been here from the start, and to see the gym progress into what it is now is amazing. The team are very close and the service we deliver to our members is outstanding.