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Motivation.  The drive to get-up-and-go.  Not everybody has it (or so you might think).  Within all of us we have a set of goals, and because of that we all have motivations.

What’s stopping us..?

Everyone knows that locating our inner motivation, and putting it into practice is all that is needed to get on track.  However this is easier said than done.  All because of one horrifying obstacle holding us back – work.

The dreaded thought of pouring effort into something creates fear and hesitation, both of which are motivation’s worst enemy.  The work might be unfamiliar, time consuming, difficult or stressful.  We can all make up reasons not to do something.  The real challenge in overcoming the fear of hard work is by flipping your mentality so that the pros outweigh the cons.

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Motivation – spring into action

Break it down

Some people say, “you clearly don’t want it enough if you aren’t willing to put the work in”, however it’s more that our internal feud must be quashed so that we are free to plough on.  Like any challenge, you have to face it if you want to conquer it.  The size of your goal might be daunting, and staring it in the face can be extremely discouraging.  So, with that being said, a good place to start is by breaking it down:

A good goal is naturally something that you have a strong desire to accomplish.  Whether that goal is climbing Kilimanjaro, or getting a new job, learning to speak a new language, or simply getting up in the morning – take it one step at a time.  It doesn’t matter about the speed, as long as you do not stop.

Be prepared for setbacks

Prepare for the fact that life is inevitably going to try and get in the way of your goal.  Therefore, when that moment comes, no matter what the situation, you’ll be ready and you won’t be thrown off-track.  Do not be a product of your circumstances, be a product of your decisions.

People will always tell you not to listen to the inner voice that chants “you can’t do that”, but we disagree.  Proving your inner demon wrong is almost better than achieving your primary goal.  Listen to the demon, get angry and scream back, “I flippin’ well can!”

Have a plan

A goal without a plan is just a wish.  Try to surround yourself with passionate people who motivate and support you, and attend events that inspire you.  Visualise yourself succeeding at the challenge.  Most importantly, it is time to take action and to formulate that strategy to achieve your goal.  In this way, day by day, step by step, you WILL climb that mountain, write that book, lose that weight, and prove everyone wrong.  You got this.

Motivation comes from within, and you can find it all around you.  Supersonic Fitness is here to help.   

Do get in touch if you’d like us to work with you – we would love to support you on your journey to smashing your 2019 fitness goals!