Nutrition Tips to Staying Focussed Over Christmas!

It’s that time of year when there can be lots of tempting food around to lead you astray from your usual healthy diet.

To help keep you on track, the Supersonic Team share their nutrition tips to staying focused over Christmas.

Damian Manning – Personal Trainer

“Christmas is the time to enjoy yourself with family and friends. If you are not able to adhere to your strict diet over the holidays then give yourself a bit of wriggle room. Allow yourself a few extra calories on certain days when you have may have less control of your meals. Then take advantage of the extra energy from these extra calories and hit the gym harder than you usually would! Come New Year, you may have gained a little bit of unwanted weight, but controlling a small amount of weight gain is far better than giving up on your diet completely and finding that you have a load of work to to getting back on track in the New Year.”

Charlotte Hallam – Group Exercise Co-ordinator

”Make sure you plan your means when not eating out, this will mean that you still get a good balance of meals and nutrients. It’s easy to go wild on Christmas Day but still think about portion sizes … enjoy your food but do you really want that food coma feeling, or just a ‘nice’ full feeling. Also, think about if you are really hungry or just having it for the sake of eating it because it’s Christmas.

My final tip would be to try to keep your fruit and vegetable intake high, this will keep your vitamin levels topped up and, hopefully, help fight off any Winter bugs in January.”

Ben Chard – Personal Trainer / Duty Manager

”Set yourself a calorie range and stick to it! Even if you eat badly at least you won’t eat too many calories.”

Rebecca Jones – Fitness Instructor

Here are my top 5 tips…

  1. You can still enjoy all your favourite Christmas foods if you keep everything in moderation
  2. If you feel full, STOP eating! There is nothing worse then feeling heavy and tired after eating too much.
  3. Keep hydrated, especially if you are consuming more alcohol than normal
  4. Feed your body with good foods if you are recovering from a hangover – lots of fruit and veg!
  5. Don’t stress too much if you feel you have over indulged. Enjoy yourself and get back on track as soon as the socialising calms down

We hope these nutrition tips help to keep you on track this Christmas.

Enjoy the festivities!