So many of us myself included, find ourselves waging a personal war against the forces within! The battle between what you know and what you feel.

Sometimes it’s logical, an external stimulus or the actions (or inaction) of people around us. Other times there seems to be no sense or reason. Just a slippery slope where you don’t seem to be able to get a foot hold to halt the decent!

For me, physical activity is one of the best weapons (coping strategies) for keeping control within my life! Whether that be going to the gym, a dog walk or, my personal favourite, the aerial studio! Turning myself upside down, tying myself in knots and learning new drops and rolls (the kind where I stop in what should be a graceful pose, nowhere near the floor)!

In these unprecedented times many of our ‘weapons’ have been taken away. And that means changing your coping strategies so that you remain calm and positive within your life. Admittedly, this can be a bit of a challenge right now, and because of this being physically active is more important than ever…not only for your physical wellbeing but also for your mental wellbeing.

The Benefits of Being Active

Maintaining or increasing your activity levels can be massively beneficial in so many ways!

  • Activity makes you feel less tired, it invigorates and energises you!
  • Sitting around or staying in bed too long can lead to feeling more tired and lethargic
  • Doing nothing gives you more time to focus on negative thoughts and emotions
  • Inactivity often leads to poor sleep, which fuels the negative cycle

Thankfully we are still allowed that one hour of exercise time outside and away from our own property. So we so have some things to be thankful for and however hard it might be to focus on the positives we have to try! Get out there……walk, run or cycle, do a body weight workout or exercise your pets if you have them! (You can get harnesses to fits cats right?!?!) But respect everyone’s social distance, especially mine hahaha, as when I do any of these things (never running!) I always want space from people.

Creating A Sense of Achievement

Whilst exercise will be one of your biggest weapons in remaining positive, there are some really basic, tiny little ones that all add up to create your arsenal against the darkness

Doing stuff, even the smallest or silliest stuff can help to create a sense of achievement

  • No matter how big or small, any achievement promotes positive feelings
  • Completing small tasks can create a sense of control of your own environment
  • Focusing on completing small tasks can help by giving you purpose

So, go clean out that cupboard, fix the thingy and maybe even try a new recipe. I’m sure there are plenty of ideas coming from some of the Supersonic fam’ that will be super healthy and tasty if you need some inspiration!

Keeping A Routine 

Many of us are used to a structured routine….Work, gym, home, weekend activities, whatever it might have been. Whereas some of us live from day to day in what might appear to others as complete chaos but that becomes our routine. It’s surprising how quickly things can unravel when that routine is disrupted!

With that in mind, I’d encourage you to think about planning and goal setting, even for the small things to get you through the day.

Find a balance between:

  • Any remaining routine activities such as working from home
  • Necessary activities such as childcare, pets, keeping in touch with family and chores
  • Pleasurable activities, what ever that might be for you.

Some of us will differ on what falls into which category and many might actually cross over.

One of my latest fun things is and laugh if you want but…..colouring books! I’m no artist but I can keep my mind engaged in the light and shade of all the colours for literally hours!


When we come out of the other side of this we will all have a very different but also very shared experience to take with us in whatever aspect of life we choose to pursue!

Most importantly keep being your wonderful, individual, unique and authentic selves! We all help the world go round. Keep supporting those you can and think kindly of those you can’t!

I hope to see you all at Supersonic when we can start the next exciting chapter! In the meantime practice kindness and self care

Rowan x