Staying Motivated to Exercise In Winter

The Winter months are upon us and we all just want to cuddle up on the sofa, snuggled under a blanket with a hot chocolate and watch Netflix. But, going to hibernation will not help when it comes to the Spring and you start thinking about the Summer holidays ahead. So here are the Supersonic Fitness teams, top tips to staying motivated to exercise in Winter. We kick off with a top tip from Personal Trainer & Fitness Coach, Josh Davies…..

”The truth is, no one can stay motivated 100% of the time! Progress comes from taking action consistently, even when you don’t feel like it…so when it’s cold, dark and (probably) wet how can you increase the likelihood of actually taking action and doing something?!Here are my two top tips to help you stay focused with your training this Winter….

1) Stay accountable – meet a friend at the gym or even better train with a personal trainer…having someone to be accountable to will massively increase the likelihood of you training

2) Have a plan – set out your training for the next few months and have every detail laid out. Once it’s all there in front of you, you’ll be far more likely to stay consistent rather than guessing your way through your training”.

Josh Davies – Personal Trainer & Fitness Coach

”In the dark evenings and the terrible weather, the gym is probably the last place you want to be. When you want to be curled up on the sofa in front of the fire, remember why you started going to the gym. You have set goals and it is what you do now that determines if you are going to reach them or not. Always keep your goals in the forefront of your mind!”

Damian Manning – Personal Trainer & Fitness Coach

”My top tip to stay motivated throughout Winter is to remind yourself that Summer bodies are made in the winter and healthy bodies are made through consistency.  Fitness is developed through lifestyle changes, not temporary diets and fitness regimes.  I like to remind myself and others of this when the cold weather tempts you to stay inside instead of going to the gym or a class

Rebecca Jones – Fitness Coach & Class Instructor

”For me, staying focused is all about planning. On a Sunday I plan what I am going to train or what classes I will go to on what days, I’ll write it down in my notepad (somehow this makes me do it!) and also plan my meals for the week too!
Not the most exciting or ground breaking advice but if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”.

Deena Tunley – Duty Manager

”A great piece of advice is to adapt your training style so sessions are shorter. This way you can fit them in before work or on a lunch time so you can’t use the dark nights etc as excuse to go home after work!

I’d also suggest booking a monthly PT sessions so that you can set goals with your trainer and use these a focus to work towards throughout the month!”

Ben Chard – Personal Trainer & Duty Manager

”Two key pieces of advice which I find keeps my personal training clients on track are:
1. Buddying up with a ‘workout friend’ during the Winter times is great for extra commitment – it’s harder to cancel when someone is relying on you.
2. Morning gym goer? Put your gym clothes on the radiator and try setting your heating to come on just before you wake up. You won’t know it’s cold outside until it’s too late to back out. A personal favourite of mine which works a treat when I need to do an early morning cycle”

Nat Taylor – Sports Therapist & Personal Trainer

We hope these little gems of advice help you stay motivated to exercise this Winter. You’ll probably notice the main themes are around planning and consistency, get these nailed and you’re on to a winner!

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Image taken from Pixabay