Here we are again…..another lockdown! Hopefully this is the last lockdown, or at least for a very long time anyway.

We know that  many people use the gym to help with their mental wellbeing, so whilst the gym is closed we thought we would share some tips about staying positive during lockdown.

I’m not sure about you, but for me, lockdowns are a roller coaster of emotions. One day I’m like ‘Yes! Bring it on, I can get through this’ and then sometimes the uncertainty can really get me down. What I’ve found really works to keep me focused and positive is to keep with my normal routine and treat every week day as a work day (make up done, hair done, work clothes on, get up at the same time I would do for a work day, etc) , do some daily exercise and try to get out for a walk at lunch time to have a break from the same four walls. I’ve also recently gotten into yoga, I’m normally a total cardio bunny, but my tired-old body needs an alternative from just pounding the pavements or being on my bike and whilst I’ve found yoga has really helped with my mobility and performance for running and cycling, I’ve also found it really helps to clear my mind so I’m going to commit to doing yoga every other day during this lockdown.

Here are the ways the rest of the lovely Supersonic team are going to stay positive during lockdown 3.0

Nat Taylor – Personal Trainer & Massage Therapist

Whilst there’s fewer things going on in the day over lockdown, I’m going to use this time wisely to pick up the books that have been collecting dust on my book shelf. My brain buzzes 24/7 which makes it hard for me to switch off and engage in a good book, so this is the perfect time now to zone out and into something different from the daily thoughts.

Liz Buckley – Duty Manager

One thing I aim to is pick up my running again at least every other day. I’m not going to put a time or distance on it as I am going to take it slow to build myself back up. But it’s a way of me keeping positive, moving and motivated!

Charlotte Hallam – Group Exercise Co-ordinator

I’m going to each night write down at least one thing that was a positive/achievement for the day and then one thing that I want to aim to do over the next days/weeks. Particularly focused on something that went great and was positive each day.

Damian Manning – Personal Trainer

At the beginning of the year I write down my goals for the gym, I’m lucky enough to be able to still work towards those goals whilst I’m at home. I am also going to take this opportunity to focus on studying for my Level 4 S&C qualification, to better myself in what I love doing.

Adam Gucwa – Barista

I’ve dug out my old hobby and I will be assembling plastic kits of jet fighters!

We understand it can be hard to stay positive with so much uncertainty but hopefully these ideas fill you with some inspiration and motivation. What will you use to help you stay positive during lockdown?