Exercise Your Mental Health: Maintaining A Healthy Mind

There are quite a few ancient stigmas that still prevail (especially for men), in regard to opening up a dialogue on our mental health. The first and most important tip in maintaining a healthy mind is to dismiss those stigmas altogether. They are not true. This brings us onto our first top tip on mental health maintenance, and that is: Talk about your feelings.

Open up

Suppressing emotions, feelings and thoughts will only have a negative affect on your mental health. Opening up isn’t a sign of weakness; it’s part of taking charge of your wellbeing and doing what you can to stay healthy.

Sometimes it can be hard finding the words to pinpoint exactly how you’re feeling, but by simply admitting you’re having uneasy feelings to a family member or a friend, is a step in the right direction. Don’t be afraid to have a chat or seek help from those around you. (It also lets them know that you are there for them when they need to open up).

Physical health

 Your mental health goes hand in hand with your physical health. Lack of exercise can really take a toll on the mind. Your body IS a temple, so treat it as such! Endorphins are secreted through physical exercise too, so if you’re feeling low, a mini workout will perk you up.

We’ve all felt a bit sluggish/overweight or unhappy with our physicality at some point, and subsequently we begin to have thoughts of insecurity, depression and anxiety etc. Nip those thoughts in the bud by partaking in some physical exercise!

Balanced diet

Similarly to exercising; if you eat well, you’ll feel well! It’s true what they say, you are what you eat, and if you fuel yourself with fruits and veggies, you will feel the benefit. Ultimately it’s all about balance – it’s equally as important to treat yourself and go out for a drink or meal every now and again for example. You’ve just got to make sure it’s all in moderation. Have a sweet treat every so often, but make sure it IS every so often.

Clean eating contributes heavily to your physical health. A healthy diet combined with exercise will really make you feel on top of your game. Remove foods from your diet that make you feel sluggish; junk foods and dairy products are big factors in making you feel lethargic. Short term yes, they are tasty, but think about how you’ll feel mentally and physically in the long run after eating something that feels great for only a few minutes.


In this Instagram/Love Island/Kardashian culture that we live in, self-acceptance is something many people forget. Images of Western beauty ideals surround our daily lives, constantly telling us that we aren’t thin/fit/attractive enough. They gradually tear us down so we cave and buy products endorsed by the celebrities we admire. This is such a huge part of our culture now but it is important to remember that it is not okay and you are good enough. Don’t bet on these endorsements; bet on yourself.

Everyone has flaws, but it is those insecurities that make us human. Flaws are real. Not everyone has the financial ability to pump their face full of Botox or undergo a hair transplant. Beauty trends are constantly shifting, and what is deemed “attractive” now, might not be in 5 years. (Remember the days when “does my bum look big in this?” was considered a bad thing?) It is important to stand tall and to show yourself and others that these trends come and go, but you will always remain.

Self-love is the most important way to maintain a healthy mind. Working on opening up, physical health and a balanced diet will gradually lead to accepting yourself for who you are.

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