Supersonic Fitness Member of the Month – Rich Jones

This month, at Supersonic Fitness in York, we launched our first ever Member of the Month! The vote was unanimous … drum roll please … November’s Member of the Month is Rich Jones! Well done Rich!

Rich has been a member at Supersonic Fitness for the last 3 months, here is Rich’s story so far….

“Having neglected my health for many years (in favour of work and family life) and having reached a certain age, I decided in the Spring of this year to invest in improving my wellness, which for me included, getting lighter, fitter and stronger (a common story). Additionally for me, having had an accident 10 years ago, I was carrying some chronic injuries, the symptoms of which I hoped would be improved as a by-product of a new regime.

After three months at the brilliant Supersonic Fitness & Cafe, I am 7kg lighter, noticeably stronger and much fitter than I was 12 weeks ago. But the biggest benefit for me has been that the pain from my injuries has disappeared and I am, for the first time in 6 years, free from the powerful painkillers I had been taking daily. This has improved my quality of life enormously and is all down to the advice and support I have been given by Sarah and her team at Supersonic.

I have experienced many gyms in my life, most recently one of those warehouse affairs that are full of gym bunnies listening to blaring music, I went twice and then cancelled my membership! This time, I was looking for a gym where I would enjoy exercising and be motivated to visit.

I live locally and visited Supersonic on one of my ‘walk-bys’ and popped in for a look. I was immediately struck by how different it is. The environment, the people and the facilities are brilliant. The stand out for me at Supersonic is the team. You can tell they love helping people like me, always welcoming with a smile, ready to answer any questions and provide advice & support.

I started my gym membership as a Groove member, and for the first month I just used the gym and recovery zone. Then a friend of mine suggested Pilates would be good for my bad neck and back so I tried a class and the rest, as they say, is history. I took the decision to upgrade to  the Rockstar membership to allow me access to the classes as well as the gym and a monthly personal training session. My monthly personal training session with Nat has been instrumental in my rehabilitation. Thank you Nat.

I visit Supersonic on average 5 or 6 times per week, taking three classes (a Spin, a Pilates and recently Super60) and two or three gym sessions. In the gym I follow a programme put together by Sarah, refined by Nat and with a bit of Pilates from Rebecca too. Team work!

I am also a regular visitor to the Supersonic café. I love to have a coffee and chill after a busy class or gym (as I did yesterday). If you live in York then I strongly recommend you try the cafe. The food is amazing and they do awesome coffee too! You don’t have to be a member to use the café so pop in and give them a try.

When Jenny asked me to write this blog, she asked if I had any words of advice for someone new to exercise or just starting out in a gym. So, here are my words of wisdom….I hope they help….

  1. A gym subscription is an investment not a cost so invest in the best
  2. Find the right place for you, Supersonic is absolutely the right one for me
  3. Develop the habit of ‘going to the gym’, make the time to establish and stick to a routine
  4. Use the expertise at the gym, talk to people and get their advice on whats right for you and your goals.

Well done Rich, you’re a superstar!

If you’re interested in finding out how we can help you be fitter, healthier and more active then pop in and see us, drop us a line at or call 01902 929 540. Personal training, classes, massage and the recovery suite are also open to non-members.