The benefits of a living wall


What is a living wall?

If you don’t know what a living wall is, you’re not alone.  Simply, a living wall… is a wall covered in live greenery.  Rather than keeping plants on the ground, living walls can contain a lot of plants in a small space, due to the vertical aspect of this unique garden concept.  They have built-in soil, and can also have their own water delivery system, meaning that they need minimal maintenance to thrive.  Possibly rather surprisingly, ‘vertical gardens’ are a concept which dates back to the 1930s, and not just a recent design trend or fad.

Photo of a living wall at Supersonic Fitness in York

Supersonic’s living wall

Fresh, clean air – in urban surroundings

Like any plant, a living wall purifies the air: converting carbon dioxide into oxygen.  The vertical garden also removes the pollutants which are brought indoors from outside, by trapping particles on leaves.  This allows those in its environment, that’s you at Supersonic – our gym members – to inhale clean, toxin-free air.  For all of these reasons combined (and more reasons to come…), we believe that Supersonic’s living wall is extremely beneficial.  Especially because it will help you to stay alert, and therefore better able to give your workout your all!

Peace, quiet and relaxation

As well as maintaining a healthy indoor climate, a living wall also reduces noise both inside and outside.  It acts as a sound barrier, absorbing over 40% more noise than a standard brick wall.  Visually, a living wall certainly delivers a great “wow factor” and helps to brightly and beautifully decorate an indoor space.  Vertical gardens look stunning, and are a unique addition to any room.

That’s not all.  Plants are peaceful, healing, and they also smell nice and fresh.  A vertical garden can therefore help greatly to improve well-being and reduce stress.  Living walls have equally been proven to increase productivity, as plants have such an incredibly positive effect on people.  Our living wall is designed to help both our gym members and our own team to feel more content, happier and relaxed; which we believe is exactly what is needed in a space designed for exercise and relaxation in equal measure.

Come on in, and see for yourself

Maybe you’re still thinking, “it’s only a wall”, and you’re not wrong.  However, we are dedicated to going the extra mile to provide the best experience possible for our members.  For all of the benefits mentioned in this article, we decided that the presence of a living wall would very much enhance the sanctuary that we are creating for you.

We hope you’ll agree, and we’d love to invite you to drop in to experience the Supersonic space.  While you’re here you can see our living wall, have a look around at our gym, studio and wellness spaces, and meet our friendly team –

Pop in for a consultation, or for a drink or snack in the Supersonic cafe, and to see our living wall for yourself.  You can find us here –