The Benefits of InBody

Ever paid to use the ‘body fat readers’ in many a high street health stores or chemists? You put in your £1, hold the handles and at the end you are a couple of pounds lighter (in the pocket!) and left scratching your head as to what the numbers on the piece of paper actually mean?

Let us introduce the InBody machine and take away this confusion!

Until I trained as a fitness industry professional, I also had no clue as the meaning of what the numbers meant on the scrappy piece of paper you get when using the high street machines. It may have well been written by an alien for all it meant to me, but then I trained as a personal trainer and began to understand the numbers more. However, not everyone using these machines is a personal trainer and therefore the results can be misunderstood or misinterpreted.

This blog looks at what these numbers mean and the benefits of InBody Analysis.

InBody uses BIA (Bio-Electrical Impedance Analysis) to calculate your body composition. This non-invasive way of measuring your body fat is not affected by age, ethnicity or gender and is a highly accurate way of measuring your body fat and body composition.

At Supersonic Fitness we are lucky enough to have an InBody machine to calculate our members’ body composition. During an InBody assessment myself and the team at Supersonic aim to shed some light on the numbers. What does BMR mean? Visceral Fat? Lean Skeletal Mass? We then point you in the direction of what you should really be interested in and care about.

The results are displayed on a clear results sheet and you can also see the results through the InBody App which means you can compare your results over time. All Supersonic members are entitled four complimentary InBody consultations per year, and if you’re a Rockstar member you receive one InBody consultation per month. During the consultation one of the team will go through your results and explain exactly what your results mean and what you need to focus on in the gym if you need to improve your scores.

No bro-science, scare tactics and fluff just facts and rationale based on the results of the InBody assessment.

What does InBody measure? 

  • Body Fat Percentage – the percentage of your body that is made up from fat tissue.
  • Lean Muscle Tissue – the amount of your overall weight which is lean, skeletal tissue. This is healthy, active tissue.
  • Fat distribution within the body – The InBody results sheet splits your body into segments displaying areas of your body, how much fat each area is carrying and how much is there in terms of percentage and kilograms ith guidance as to whether the levels are safe or too high.
  • Muscle distribution within the body– The InBody results sheet shows whether your body equally balanced in terms of muscle distribution. If you are ‘lop sided’ this could potentially lead to injuries caused by imbalance. Helping you to identify areas of the body that may need more attention with regards to strengthening is a great benefit of the InBody assessment.
  • Visceral fat score – Visceral fat is the dangerous fat that can build up and surround the vital organs within the body. InBody looks at whether you are within safe levels or whether your scores are high and need attention.
  • Water weight– amount of water storage within the body, that is the ideal amount for levels of hydration that the human body will perform best with.

The list above shows just a few benefits of the InBody Assessment. Your personal results card shows you such an accurate picture not only of your body composition but also your general health too.

If you’re interested in finding out more or booking in for an InBody Assessment then call one of the team on 01904 929 540 or email