Are you sick and tired of the same old veg? Do you like to eat ‘clean’? Perhaps you’re vegan or eat vegan some of the time and are looking for some new recipes. Look no further than our delicious Vegan Poke Bowl! This dish tastes delightful , is colourful and is also really filling.

The Vegan Poke Bowl is one of our most popular dishes in the Supersonic Cafe and if you really can’t live without meat it tastes great with chicken or fish, or if you’re  a veggie it also tastes amazing with halloumi. But believe us it tastes AMAZING in it’s own right without any of these.

Fancy recreating it at home? Then here’s the low-down on how to make it…..

First you need to cut your beetroot and marinate in white miso paste, lime juice, rice vinegar, light soy, sesame oil and chilli flakes. This has a packed range of flavour which compliments the beautiful colour of the beetroot with a delicious mouth-watering taste. Cook  the beetroot until tender, roughly an hour, allow to cool and once cold season with sea salt and toasted sesame seeds.

Next is the avocado wasabi dressing (DON’T PANIC!) , this gives a lovely creamy heat to give that contrast to the dish. First you need to de-stone your avocado, chop in half and blend one of the halves. Add the juice of half of a lime, a teaspoon of rice wine vinegar, a pinch of salt and a teaspoon wasabi paste. Then add a tablespoon of chopped coriander and proceed to blend loosening up with a small amount of water.

The remaining half of avocado you need to slice in half lengthways and save for the dish – as show on the picture.

The rice you use is to your preference. We recommend red rice not only for the health benefits such as being packed with flavanoid antioxidants but also it compliments in the colour and taste of the dish. Cook the rice and leave to cool. Once cold season a teaspoon of soy (per portion) so the flavour isn’t overpowered by the taste of salt.

Spiralise a carrot, if you don’t have a gadget to do this then cut the carrot into thin strands or ribbons. The carrot adds a fresh taste and gives a good dynamic to the colour and structure of the dish (very Instagram likeable).

Finally, finish the dish off with some radish and edamame beans. If you can get different varieties of radish that is great as it adds different tastes and colours to the dish, if not just go for good old fashioned ‘standard’ radish! Slice the radish to your own preference.

Plate the Vegan Poke Bowl as per the picture and enjoy!

All of our food at the Supersonic Cafe is available to eat in and take out, so the next time you’re passing call in, say Hi and give the Vegan Poke Bowl a try!  Take a look at the menu here.