What is Super60?

If you look at our class timetable, you will see our trademark exercise class ‘Super60’. What is Super60 we hear you ask? Well, we can certainly say that it’s not for the over 60’s like some people think! Super60 is our awesome total body workout, guaranteed to torch calories and blast fat and it’s open to everyone, regardless of your age! Our Group Exercise Co-ordinator, Charlotte, gives some insight into what Super60 is about.

What is Super60? What results will it bring?

Super60 is our trademark class that has elements of HIIT & strength for a total body, well-rounded workout.
Each instructor may have a slightly different teaching style, however Super60 is designed so that each instructor has to use the same format to ensure you get a great workout! By doing HIIT work, whether this be at the beginning, end or throughout the class, you will see an increase in your fitness levels and see your heart rate soar.

The strength elements of the class focus on using mainly compound exercises (eg squats). This means not only do you burn a higher number of calories than you would do if you were using isolation exercises (eg bicep curl) but you will also see an increase in your metabolism (ie calories burned) post workout. Combine this with the increase in your metabolic rate from the HIIT element of the class and you’re going to be burning additional calories post-workout for a good length of time. The strength exercises are also designed to give you a balanced, full body workout.

Why is Super60 different from any other class?

Super60 gives you a full body workout without needing to go to the gym. You get both a great cardio and strength workout and it’s a great class to add into your normal weekly gym routine to mix it up!

The beauty of coming along to Super60 is all you need to do is turn up and do the class. We’ve put the hard work into structuring the class for optimum results so you don’t have to think about it…..we give you a brilliant class which is well balanced, improves your strength, burns fat, increases your fitness levels and continues to torch calories post workout…..what else do you need?

Who is Super60 suitable for?

Our Super60 classes are suitable for everyone!.Whether your a beginner or advanced, our instructors give alternatives for every exercise which means you can choose how hard you are going to push yourself. Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or a seasoned pro, this could be the class you wish you had come to sooner!

We also offer Super60 Workshops. These are designed to help you practice the main compound moves used in Super60 so that you feel confident when you start the classes. During the workshops one of our fitness coaches will guide you through the main moves and help you to perfect your technique.

Why do you enjoy teaching Super60?

Super60 is one of my favourite classes to teach. I see members strength and fitness increase over a short period of time. I love seeing the smile on their faces at the end of the workout and especially comments about how great they feel afterwards. Super60 is a class which can help build up confidence as your confidence in how to perform certain exercises increases. It’s so rewarding feeling when you then see members using what they have learned in the gym independently.

Interested in joining us for a class? Find more information about memberships and class passes here, or simply sign up….we’d love for you to join us!