Workout boredom and the reality of the fitness world

Fed up of spending your time on the gym floor, on the internet researching workouts, or on Instagram and Facebook following your fitness role models? (Only to feel demoralised and demotivated as a consequence?)

Time to spice up your regime and start the process of learning the difference between reality and the social media/fitness model generation.

Is there a correct way to train?

Simply; no. If you enjoy working out and it gets you off the sofa, then your training cannot be flawed. The reality is, if you like training and are willing to part take in it regularly and keep it up week-in-week-out over a sustained period of time, you’re winning.

If you feel like you’re stuck in a simple yet boring routine of pounding the pavements, or taking the dog out; doing the same arduous route every time, check in with yourself.

We live in an era where so many sports and fitness activities are available to us, if you aren’t enjoying your current fitness routine, mix it up and see what’s out there!

If you love playing badminton (for example); playing it 3 to 4 times a week amongst friends (don’t feel like you have to join a league if that’s not your cup of tea) with a controlled and balanced diet, means you’re ticking all the boxes in leading a fit and healthy lifestyle. It’s no better or worse than your neighbour who uses the gym for resistance training 4 times a week, because your chosen sport/activity is for you. Do what makes YOU happy.

Be realistic

If you want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, then you need to lift weights often and be on an extremely controlled diet, but that’s not realistic for 99% of us as our normal day to day lifestyles don’t accommodate for the “Schwarzenegger” look. (Plus the average person doesn’t have a team of people behind them making sure they stick to a strict diet and exercise plan).

Stop worrying about what some “influencer” on social media said about diet and exercise, (they’re probably only trying to sell you something anyway). It’s your life, so do what works for you! If it means you’re getting your body moving, then: You’re winning!

Everybody is different

It’s also important to remember that everybody is different. Everyone has different builds, physiques, aesthetics and goals. There isn’t just one correct way to look, despite what Instagram tells you. You cannot compare yourself to people you see on the internet, because THEY ARE NOT YOU. They don’t have your lifestyle, metabolism, health history etc. and the sooner you can shake that myth, the better you will feel.

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