Sports Massage

Whether you are in need of some assistance with an injury or simply looking to de-stress and unwind, sports massage therapy and kinesiology taping can be beneficial for both the mind and body. At Supersonic we offer both sports massage and Swedish massage in addition to kinesiology taping. All of our treatments are available to members and non-members.

Sports massage therapy compromises of advanced massage techniques to help treat or prevent soft tissue damage from sports or other strenuous activity. Not only is sports massage therapy great for athletes, it’s also beneficial for people with injuries, aches or pains and restricted range of movement. This style of massage is a deeper treatment that concentrates on the areas which are under stress and the additional areas which contribute towards this.

Swedish massage is a rhythmical , lighter treatment that consists of softer strokes to increase circulation, soothe tension and promote relaxation. This style of massage is amazing for boosting wellbeing.

Both types of massage are available in 30, 45 and 60 minute appointments.

Our personal trainers and sports massage therapists work alongside each other, and both personal training and sports massage can be mutually beneficial therefore your block bookings can be used for either sports massage or personal training.

Members receive a 10% discount on block bookings of 10 sports massage treatments

Why not try our 3 for 2 offer on 45 or 60 minute sports massage treatments? Ask the team for more information!

30 mins45 mins60 mins
Massage TreatmentsSingle session - £35.00
Block 5 - £166.25
Block 10 - £315.00
Single session - £45.00
Block 5 - £213.75
Block 10 - £405.00
Single session - £55.00
Block 5 - £261.25
Block 10 - £495.00

Kinesiology Taping

Kinesiology Taping is a strapping method which is applied to the muscles/joints and is generally used alongside sports massage therapy. It has many benefits such as assisting an injury from the chronic phase right through the full rehabilitation phase and then offer prevention of further injury. Kinesiology Taping works great in a sporting setting but is also beneficial for general injuries and posture control.

Your first kinesiology taping session begins with a 30 minute consultation which includes your first taping application. We’ll then book you in for any necessary re-taping sessions which take 10-15 minutes each visit.

Initial ConsultationFollow Up Appointments
Kinesiology Taping30 minutes - £30.00
10-15 minutes - £15.00


Osteopathy is an established healthcare system through which a wide range of health problems are assessed, treated and prevented. Osteopathic techniques are used to improve muscular function, relieve pain, aid recovery and prevent reoccurrence of health problems.

The Rehab Project aims to address the cause of the problem rather than solely the symptoms. We’ll listen to your story and create a management plan that is personal to you and your individual needs. Your plan will include direct hands-on treatment, exercise therapy and lifestyle advice.  Techniques include gentle joint mobilisation, manipulations and soft tissue therapy/massage.

If we believe a referral to another healthcare practitioner is necessary then we will discuss this with you.


Cupping Therapy has become increasingly popular since many professional athletes have ‘shown off’ mysterious circular ‘bruising’ often on their back or shoulder.

Cupping is a form of Chinese therapy which is both safe and effective. The suction created by the cups improves blood flow, which increases delivery of nutrients to the affected area and promotes healing.

The Rehab Project offers Dry Cupping which is a non-invasive treatment.

Prehab & Rehab Treatments

Pre and post-operative rehabilitation is essential to your recovery and to ensure the best outcome from your surgery.

The aim of prehab and rehab treatments is to help patients exercise safely, effectively and appropriately. Your programme will be specific to your requirements and is updated at each appointment. If you are undergoing surgery it is important for you to come out fitter, stronger and healthier on the other side – we are here to support you with that!

Initial ConsultationFollow Up Appointments
Prehab & Rehab Treatments£60.00£45.00